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Leadership Training Resources for Pharmacy Industry Visionaries and Change Agents

Teaming & Negotiations

Close business deals with stakeholders that benefit millions of Americans: minority patients, students, and pharmacists. 

Clinical and Business Writing

Share best practices with other leaders to replicate successes achieved to a magnitude of the number of people we can reach. 

Organizational Leadership

Represent our diverse membership and their interests. Speak on their behalf with your voice and vote as we enact our mission.

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The Association of Black Health-systems Pharmacists

You've Been Called to Serve

Be a leader in your community. Use this website as a platform to lead your peers regionally and nationally. Lead ABHP - execute the programs of the organization. Increase your prominence and exposure. Be a change agent. Communicate to powerful national leaders on behalf of 15,000+ Black pharmacists. Negotiate business deals. Organize volunteers. Amidst workforce shortages, protect minority communities' access to pharmaceutical care from America's Black Pharmacists, as it is needed to eliminate disparities. 

"Many organizations teach and talk about leadership development. ABHP invites its members to put your leadership skills to the test. Its all-hands-on-deck - literally. ABHP gives leaders the opportunity to put their boots on the ground." 

Keli Edwards, JD, PharmD
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"As soon as I joined the ABHP community online, I realized they have a real plan of action in place. Immediately, I was called to action. Called to lead. Called to engage. Called to work. Since joining, I've taken on the charge. It's put me in places that has forced me to evolve personally and professionally. It's been an amazing experience to see the results of my efforts as my leadership skills have grown along the way."

Verna May, PharmD
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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