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MyABHP.org offers a dependable resource for delivering training and continuing education through online and in-person events for your team members.

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Find new business partners to win contracts and grants in Teams, leveraging the expertise of other ABHP members among America’s 15,000 Black Pharmacists.

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Keep your team updated on the latest in drug information and pharmacy administration to better serve your patient population.

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Offer inspiration and insights into best practices - what works and what doesn’t - with case studies, research, and interviews cementing your organization’s perception as thought-leaders.

Association of Black Health-systems Pharmacists
Established 1978

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ABHP’s members are leaders of major health-systems and prominent pharmacy industry companies throughout the United States. For almost 40 years, we've provided pharmacy professionals with the tools they need to exceed health-systems' expectations. ABHP is now ready to help your team develop valuable opportunities and meet the challenges confronting health care practitioners who are dedicated to ethnic minority health through our online Journal. Read more about ABHP 

"This is the perfect solution for the pharmacy-industry employers to engage their employees, and keep them abreast of best practices being applied by pharmacists in health-systems across the country to close health disparities. ABHP worked out an easy solution for us to purchase educational resources to help our entire organization meet our mission."

Deanna Gates, PharmD
Jane Smith

“My pharmacy classmates decided to team up and purchase our memberships to leverage a group subscription discount. My classmates are able to use this platform and organization to connect us directly with our distinguished University alumni, and the broader ABHP membership.”

Lila Cole
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